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دسته بندی: محصولات پزشکی
کد محصول: LN-1550095

مشخصات محصول

  • لایه برداری از آن آسان است
  • این ماده می تواند به طور موثری 99٪ ذرات معلق در اثر پا و چرخ را جذب کند
  • اندازه: 26 “* 45”
  • ضخامت: 40um

It is used for sticking dirt and dust from shoes or cartwheel before worker or transportation facility entered into the cleaning room, labs, electronic, semi-conductor industries, surgical rooms, and any other dust/ dirt free environment.

It is also widely used in keeping your pet or construction worker from dragging in dirt from the outside or to simply keep sensitive floors clean such as basketball courts or dance floors.

Product structure

Material: environment-friendly pressure-sensitive adhesive water + polyethylene PE membrane

Structure: 1 – no plastic transparent polyethylene PE basilar membrane + 29 layer polyethylene PE coating single mask (usually color sky blue) + 1 layer of polyethylene PE coating compounded of double face. Often sticky pad Angle with a page number.

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